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CVG's E3 2012 Awards: Best Shooter

Black Ops 2, Far Cry or Dishonored? Our E3 team picks a winner...

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Winner: Best Shooter of E3 2012

Far Cry 3


This year's E3 really did belong to Ubisoft, and Far Cry 3 is one of the biggest reasons why. After a solid but unconvincing debut at last year's show, Far Cry 3's polish, plethora of content and all round sparkle (yes, and tigers) surprised and impressed our E3 footsoldiers enough to give it this jpeg award. Congratulations, Ubisoft!

CVG judges say...


Michael Gapper, Xbox World/PSM features editor:
Better combat, better stealth, no respawning checkpoints, weapons made of metal and not, say, potato skins... Far Cry 3 addresses everything Far Cry 2 got wrong and goes fully mental while doing it.


Andy Robinson, CVG editor: I was really impressed by Far Cry 3 last week. What other shooter gives you your own tiger mate for gun battles, before letting you set it on fire? One of the Tomb Raiders, probably. But Far Cry 3 still looks stupidly polished and post-E3 boasts the promise of a whole tonne of content thanks to that stand-alone co-op campaign.

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