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Pokémon Black and White 2: A whole new world

Play Misty for me: familiar Poké-faces set for Unova appearance

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The good thing about Nintendo's new approach to game announcements is that because there's usually just a few months between reveal and release, fresh batches of info tend to arrive on a regular basis. Far better, we reckon, than a slow drip of carefully PR-managed hype over a couple of years. So even after last month's factsplosion, there's plenty more new stuff to chew on between now and the Japanese launch of Pokémon Black and White 2, which is *checks watch* - blimey! - any day now.


If, as we suggested last month, Pokémon Black and White 2 is the series' final farewell to 2D, it's perhaps not all that surprising to find that some old pals are popping in to say goodbye. And hey, let's face it, Game Freak probably want to get one last use out of those sprites. Yes, the likes of Giovanni, Lance, Volkner, Steven, Blue and more have all flown in for Unova's Pokémon World Tournament, a competition that sees you go head-to-head with a whole host of familiar rivals. It's one of a series of additions revealed since last month that suggests this might just be the most comprehensive Pokémon game to date. That's quite the boast for a series already renowned for its longevity.


Hosted by Sinnoh champion Cynthia, the tournament sees you face a mix of gym leaders and champions from past regions. It looks as if they'll all use teams of their favoured types - Brock's kept his Rock group together while a certain Cerulean gym leader still goes all Misty for Water 'Mon - though it's not clear whether you'll just be recreating classic battles or if they've improved their squads in the interim. As with the usual battle facilities, you'll engage in both single and double battles, and Game Freak is promising that additional trainers will be available for download via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

We also know more about the mysterious movie studio we mentioned last month. It's called Pokéwood, and replaces the musicals of Black and White with something a little more cinematic. You're tasked with making an effects-laden epic by taking on a character in a motion-capture suit against a green-screen backdrop. Your Poké-team must fight this character and follow a series of script choices to make the battle more exciting; then, once you've finished recording, you can watch a playback of the movie. It's not clear how you're graded for this - presumably it's based on how closely you follow the director's instructions. Wannabe Christian Bales need not apply.

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