19 Sony heroes that belong in All-Stars Battle Royale

'I could have been a contender'...

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Game: Gravity Rush
Year: 2012
Platform: Vita
Developer: Japan Studio
Who?: A young girl with no respect for Newtonian physics
PlayStation's newest hero can rewrite the rules of up and down; when Kat's coming at your face feet-first, her control over gravity means she's not flying, she's falling. Slight she might be, but we still reckon that six stone of supermodel could do a lot of damage when dropped feet-first on top of an EyePet.

Giant Enemy Crab


Game: Genji: Days Of The Blade
Year: 2006
Platform: PS3
Developer: Game Republic
Who?: An authentic creature from actual Japanese history!
Genji was introduced at E3 2006 as "based on actual Japanese history" just as the Giant Enemy Crab lumbered on screen, causing giant Sony embarrassment. Six years later, someone's ordered a round of revenge and Mr Big Claws is picking up the tab.



Game: Frobisher Says
Year: 2012
Platform: Vita
Developer: Honeyslug
Who?: Vita's disturbing anti-mascot
An explosion of facial features atop a bow tie, Frobisher is no fighter but he could be the host on the game's best stage. When Frobisher says "Jump", everyone who doesn't jump takes damage: it's fighting game Simon Says, starring Sony's most demanding jerk.



Game: Shadow Of The Colossus
Year: 2005
Platform: PS2
Developer: Team Ico
Who?: The sword-wielding, colossi-felling boy hero riding into battle
Concept art suggests Ico or Yorda might find their way into Battle Royale, but if it comes down to Ico's stick against Wander's sword, we're betting on the guy who beats up mountains. Throw in Agro as a tag-team partner, and consider us thoroughly sold.



Game: LittleBigPlanet
Year: 2008
Platform: PS3
Developer: Media Molecule
Who?: A customisable bag of fighting fluff
Sackboy should be Battle Royale's Shang Tsung - stealing his opponent's appearance and moves. He's already dressed up as Nariko and Kratos in LBP.

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