'We need more games like Fez'

Is smaller better?

After a short break our weekly mailbox feature is back. Try and contain your excitement.

Last time we had an e-mail from Amanda, who got in touch to say she'd rather have bigger gaming experiences on the Vita than Angry Birds and the like. This week we've got an e-mail from Barry Crabbe, who says we need simpler, smarter games.

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We need more games like Fez. When I first saw the game I was a bit put off by the fact that it looks so retro; so simple. However, a review made me want to give it a try, so I downloaded it and started playing. Now it's one of my favourite XBLA games ever. Why? It's clever and deep, and it keeps you hooked with its unique gameplay mechanics.

It's only an XBLA game, so it's really cheap, but I've played it longer than Modern Warfare 3 and I spent £40 on that! It just shows that simple concepts don't necessarily mean shorter, less quality games. If your game is smart and compelling, it can be both cheaper to make and better value. Next to things like Braid and Limbo, Fez is a great example of what XBLA should be.

XBW says: Couldn't agree more, Barry. Fez is deceptively deep, and it's just as much about code-breaking as it is level shifting. It's multi-layered and smart, both true hallmarks of the best downloadable games.

CVG says: There's plenty of room for both Barry, as much as we love games like Fez, Limbo and Braid, we're also quite partial to the big blockbuster games. A good balance of both is the key to a healthy gaming diet.