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Neal Stephenson swordfighter hits 50% of Kickstarter target

PC project Clang generates more than $275,000 in first week

The American writer Neal Stephenson has thanked backers of his new Kickstarter-funded sword-fighting game, with the project amassing half of its requested investment with 24 days remaining.


Stephenson ignited interest in the project - called Clang - due in part to an increasingly viral video featuring sword-comedy and Gabe Newell.

The original video pitch for the Kickstarter project can be found below.

Stephenson and his team at Washington studio Subutai are developing a PC game which is hoped will respect the nuances, history and art of sword fighting.

The project accumulated more than $150,000 during its first weekend, and at the time of going to press has made more than $275,000.

Subutai has 24 days remaining to accumulate at least half a million dollars through Kickstarter for the funds to be deposited.

An FAQ page for Clang indicates that Subutai wants to release the game on
Valve's PC portal Steam, and can be played through the Sixense motion control technology.