Violence overkill: Five games that should tone down the gore

CVG highlights promising games that risk drowning in their own blood

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Tomb Raider


We haven't played enough of Tomb Raider to say whether the level of violence shown in the recent trailers is maintained throughout the game, but so far we've seen Lara break bones, burn skin, be impaled and shot at.

It can't be easy having to take the character with so much history in a new direction, especially one as cemented in pop culture as Lara. From that perspective we understand why Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are making a point of showing Lara bloody and bruised, maybe they think if they throw her at a wall hard enough it'll shatter the preconceptions as much as it will her femur bone.

Lara is one of gaming's few capable, strong, smart female characters. Hopefully this upcoming reboot will have as much puzzle solving and tomb raiding as it does mud, blood and desperate bullet-dodging.

Of course, on the other hand, there does seem to be a wonderful opportunity to spend a chunk of time engaging in some pure survival-against-the-elements gameplay, exploring and developing Lara so she's attuned to the harsh terrain and honing her survival abilities.

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