Violence overkill: Five games that should tone down the gore

CVG highlights promising games that risk drowning in their own blood

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Watch Dogs


We've pinpointed the exact moment Watch Dogs became just a tiny little less interesting: it's when the main character pulled out a gun.

Ubisoft's futuristic action game may have stolen the show at E3 last week, but the excitement for the game was at its strongest when onlookers thought they were witnessing a GTA would that the player must think their way through.

Watch Dogs holds the potential to offer some memorable gameplay opportunities. Players take control of a character that seems to have an unfettered ability to hack anything, with the means to access personal information and gain a deep insight into the lives of people around him. He's essentially Agent 47 on God Mode.

Instead of devolving into a run-of-the-mill third-person shooter, Watch Dogs could be a game all about manipulating the world around you without ever needing to pull a trigger. While the game already looks fantastic, its potential when you minus the gunplay is massive.

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