Harmonix developing 'three or more' new IPs

One "not too far off", according to reports

Harmonix has confirmed that it's working on "three and/or more" original IPs.


The firm isn't ready to share any specific details just yet, but did confirm and speak briefly about the new projects in its latest podcast.

John Drake, director of communications and brand management at Harmonix, said: "Some of them are music games. Some of them are not full-on rhythm action games."

He added, "Some of them are brand new things that we created from our guts and brains here at Harmonix. Some of them are sort of like things we're explaining the universe of."

Drake went on to discount some of the games you may be guessing already. "It's not Amplitude or Frequency,I'm not talking about Rock Band 4. I'm not talking about the next Dance Central game. I'm talking about new, crazy stuff," he hinted.

All very vague then, although according to news hawk Superannuation, one of these project could be announced soon. "Thought one of these might be announced at E3, as it is apparently not too far off," he said via Twitter.

[ SOURCE: The Verge ]