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Microsoft lawyers remove leaked 'Xbox 720' document

Paper claims new console will launch 2013 at $299, complete with Blu-ray and advanced Kinect technology

A 56 page PowerPoint document that supposedly reveals sensitive information about Microsoft's next-generation console has been removed from the website it was leaked to.


The document, published on Scribd, claims the Xbox 720 will be released for the 2013 holidays with 4-6x the power of the current Xbox 360, at a price of $299.

It was removed following a complaint from Covington & Burling LLP, an international law firm that lists Microsoft as one of its clients.

The authenticity of the document, apparently written in 2010, remains a matter for dispute.

If genuine, the details within are difficult to verify as the paper appears to have been written in 2010. Games console design is a process that traditionally has one project undergo a multitude of redesigns.

According to the document, the Xbox 720 will feature Blu-ray compatibility, a form of augmented reality glasses, "Kinect version 2" and the recent SmartGlass service.

Some of the details, such as release date, match with data supplied by CVG's sources.