Crytek ignites TimeSplitters Kickstarter petition

Fans called upon to show support

Recent comments made by Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli regarding the next TimeSplitters have resulted in fans launching a petition calling for the project to appear on Kickstarter.


Speaking to CVG at E3 this month, Yerli weighed up the options for the much requested first-person shooter follow-up, claiming that "I wish we were working on it", crucially leaving the door open for fans to show their interest for such a project.

The chief executive confirmed Crytek has considered launching a Kickstarter for TimeSplitters, but expressed concerns over whether it would be appropriate for such a large company to call on fan funding. He teased: "I suppose if someone really, really wanted to..."

The comments have sparked the birth of the TimeSplitters 4 Facebook campaign, which is calling on fans to show their interest in the sequel - even if it means launching a crowd funding initiative. The lobbying initiative already has support from more than 3,000 Facebook users.

"We are a group trying to convince Crytek to finish developing TimeSplitters 4! Even if it means doing a Kickstarter," the group has said. "Even though the page is to gain 100k, we'll probably need much more. So don't give up at 100k!"

Another comment posted by Yerli on Twitter suggests the Crysis firm is paying attention to fan demand. He wrote: "How big is the TimeSplitters Community? Let me hear you!"