The 20 best XBLA games you can play right now

And they're all less than £11...

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7. Ikaruga

Price: 800 Released: Apr 2008 Size: 49.39MB

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Want more bullets on your screen than you can hope to process? You've come to the right place. A scrolling, bullet-hell shooter, Ikaruga is hardcore, but utterly brilliant.

8. Braid

Price: 800 Released: Aug 2010 Size: 144.45MB

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Hailed as the smartest game on XBLA, Braidis at once simple and incredibly complex. On the surface it'sa taxing, time-bending platformer. Look deeper and it's acollection game for perfectionists, and oh yeah, a comment on the destructive nature of man...

9. Serious Sam: The First Encounter

Price: 1200 Released: Jan 2010 Size: 493.28MB

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Serious Sam, with his massive guns, deliberately generic look and epic boss fights harks back to classic Xbox shooters like Doom 3 and Quake 4. Sadly, the humour is a bit weak, but the action is gloriously excessive.

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