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The 20 best XBLA games you can play right now

And they're all less than £11...

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13. Shadow Complex

Price: 1200 Released: Aug 2009 Size: 835.42MB

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Shadow Complex not only looks brilliant, it also nails that chunky feeling of shooting everything to pieces that Gears does so well. On rails sections are, unusually, a highlight here.

14. Boom Boom Rocket

Price: 800 Released: Apr 2007 Size: 78.6MB

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A rhythm action game; much in the vein of GuitarHero. Only here fireworks whoosh into the night sky and you press a button or direction (on the d-pad) to detonate them, all to the beat of remixed classical tunes. Colourful, classy fun.

15. Castle Crashers

Price: 1200 Released: Aug 2008 Size: 139.87MB

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Forget Fable Heroes, this is the four-player hack 'n' slash game you're looking for. Yes, it's super-tough - even with four players - but the neat art style, geeky laughs, and excessive gore make the pain worth it.

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