The 20 best XBLA games you can play right now

And they're all less than £11...

Myth #1: games are expensive. Sure, the ones you buy in boxes are, but the ones you can buy via Xbox Live, aren't. 1200 MS points works out at just over £10. Myth #2: XBLA games are all throw-away retro nonsense. No. Most are full, new games, and some are even AAA. So here are the 20 best, boldest, maddest and value-packed games on XBLA, and you can download most in a few minutes...

1. Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Price: 1200 Released: Feb 2012 Size: 1.33GB

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Perhaps the best example of what XBLA is capable of. An Alan Wake sequel in all but name, it even improves on combat, pacing and story-telling. It sees Alan track down a serial killer willed to life by a small town. For 1200 points, it's a bargain, and better than most £40 adventure games.

2. N+

Price: 800 Released: Feb 2008 Size: 13.03MB

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Originally a simple browser game, N+ puts you in charge of a stick-man ninja who can leap through basic levels and cling to walls. The key here is in the simple controls, which makes the jumping a joy. It might look simple, but it's highly addictive.

3. Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2

Price: 800 Released: Jul 2008 Size: 40.36MB

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First appearing as a mini-game in Project Gotham Racing, this a colourful twin-stick shooter with both multiplayer and competitive leaderboards. And we mean competitive...

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