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Blizzard on StarCraft Ghost: 'Nothing is happening'

It's not happening right now, but it could in the future

StarCraft 2 lead Dustin Browder has said Blizzard isn't currently talking about reviving shelved spin-off StarCraft: Ghost.


"There are no plans," Browder told Kotaku in a discussion about the upcoming StarCraft 2 expansion Heart of the Swarm.

"I'm not saying we won't ever, but I'll tell you what I do know: There are no meetings going on. There is no team. No one talks about doing it."

The ill-fated spin-off was pitched as a stealth-action and third-person shooter hybrid for consoles, however after being perpetually delayed Blizzard eventually shelved the project.

The common thread between Ghost and StarCraft 2 is Nova, an operative that was to be the protagonist of the console game. She appeared briefly in the main game and will be making another appearance in the expansion.

Although Browder insisted her appearance wasn't an indication of a renewed interest in Ghost he left the carrot dangling on the stick.

"It doesn't mean that in two years from now, we won't have those meetings, the team won't be formed, but there is literally nothing happening around that game right now that would indicate that there's any likelihood that it will happen. It's just as likely we'll do that again as Lost Vikings 3 or whatever. There's just no guarantees one way or the other, but nothing is happening."

"We are super huge fans of consoles. We love console gaming as players," Browder said. "I wasn't really party to [the decision to put Ghost on hold] but I know it was a difficult decision."

Many are hoping Blizzard's supposed love for consoles be shown in a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 release of Diablo 3. Earlier this month a German retailer listed Diablo 3 for PS3.