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Mike Tyson to punch out wrestlers in WWE 13

Boxer confirmed for THQ brawler

Mike "Baddest Man on the Planet" Tyson will be appearing as a playable character in WWE 13, THQ has revealed.


The ear-chomping boxing legend and former heavyweight champion of the world will be available as a pre-order reward. Tyson has a long history with the WWE, most notably his appearance as an enforcer for D-Generation X during WrestleMania XIV.

His WWE in-game model will sport a sleeveless DX t-shirt and black jeans as a callback to this moment. Most recently Tyson seved as a guest host on Monday Night Raw and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He also delivered endearingly rubbish renditions of Phil Collin's In the Air Tonight and One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head in The Hangover and its sequel.

"As one of the most dominant champions in boxing history and one of the most memorable guests to ever be featured on WWE programming, Mike Tyson led an incredible revolution that changed the way fans perceive the sport," said Sean Ratcliffe, THQ's brand VP.

"The baddest man on the planet is back - and only in WWE '13," said Mike Tyson, probably through a marketing translator. "Fans everywhere can now relive what I experienced during the 'Attitude Era.'"

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