'I haven't been disappointed by Vita'

Have you?

On last week's mailbox we had an letter from Barry Crabbe, who said we need more simpler, smarter games like Fez.

This week Max Vernon e-mailed in to say that Sony's PlayStation Vita has delivered the goods so far.

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When I first saw the Vita announced at E3, I knew I had to have it. So when release day came around, I went to my local Game and got my Vita, and so far I haven't been disappointed. Although remote play still doesn't work with most games, and I haven't been able to add funds to my PSN wallet, I am still very impressed.

The front touchscreen is really responsive, and even though it's a bit more tricky to use in games, the touchpad still isn't bad, I've really enjoyed playing my Vita, but I feel that I could be having a better experience if there was a bigger range of games. I think the Vita has a successful road ahead of it as long as developers continue to support and build on what is a great, fresh console.

PSM3 says: It's good to hear positive reports from real Vita owners. There's so much noise online about it being a 'failure', which is unfair. Sure, the launch line-up might not be the most tantalising, but when games like Call Of Duty and BioShock come out, we can see Vita becoming something of a sleeper hit.

CVG says: We were very disappointed with Sony's lack of Vita support at E3 this year, but we must admit we've had a good time with the handheld so far. Games like Wipeout, Rayman Origins, Gravity Rush and Mortal Kombat have been good to us. However, we're hoping Sony is planning bit things for the future, simply letting us play PS1 games on the device just isn't enough.