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Unlocking Xbox Achievements may soon get you free MS Points

Microsoft teases "rewards based on your achievements" this Autumn

If you are what's commonly referred to as an "Achievements Whore", you may soon have a real incentive to rake in those Xbox Gamerscore points besides feeling good about yourself on Xbox forums.


Microsoft has teased that it will soon be offering new 'rewards' based on the unlocking of Achievements in Xbox 360 games.

The announcement came from the official Twitter feed of the Xbox Live Rewards website, which teased, "Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements!"

Further prying for details was dismissed by the MS rep, but those familiar with the Xbox Live Rewards site will know that it's a loyalty program that offers free Microsoft Points as rewards for completing specific and varying tasks.

That considered, we expect some Achievement-related MS Point rewards coming this Autumn. And that sounds pretty good to us.

Thanks Videogamer.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]