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Okami next on the list for HD treatment

The underrated Okami goes under for a HD makeover

The overlooked PS2 title Okami, which later saw a Nintendo Wii and DS release, could be getting a HD makeover: but sadly only in Japan.

Imagine this in HD...

Japanese game mag Famitsu confirmed yesterday that Capcom will be releasing a HD remaster of Okami for Japanese audiences only.

The HD remake is called Okami Zekkie-ban, which roughly translates to Okami Magnificent Version, according to Gameinformer.

Adriansang reported that the game will offer full 1080p HD support and be compatible with PlayStation Move. It also states that it will be a remake of the "original Okami" which points to the 2006 PS2 version, not the Wii version which was released later.

The Okami HD remaster is set for release November 1 in Japan, but there have been no details of a western release.

Despite being praised for its gameplay and beauty, Okami failed to sell strongly. The HD remake could change all that, especially if it gets a worldwide release.

Did you play Okami? Is a HD remake something you'd like to see?