Project X Zone: Resi vs Tekken vs Mega Man vs Virtua Fighter

Sega, Capcom and Namco join forces in this epic-scale 3DS crossover

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Nintendo Direct is fast becoming our fave Ninty 'thing' since Iwata Asks, though it's always a bit of a swizz to see so much brilliant stuff in the Japanese version while we're treated to a thick red bar saying 'European details to be confirmed'.

One such title, teased by Iwata in February, was a mysterious collaboration between Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega. Two months later we got a gobsmacking trailer and a slightly less gobsmacking title: Project X Zone. It's fair to say the latter doesn't come close to the excitement of the former.


So what is it, then? Why, only the greatest bit of fan service since Super Smash Bros, that's what. In the absence of Sakurai's multiplayer brawler/Nintendo love-in, this celebration of some of the three publishers' best-loved characters is the kind of mutual backslap we can get behind.

Namco Bandai have been at pains to point out that it's not a sequel to PlayStation 2 strategy role-player Namco X Capcom, released in Japan in 2005. It certainly looks like a spiritual successor, however. Though all we've seen of the new game so far is its combat, it's reasonable to assume that it follows a similar template: turn-based movement on a grid, with real-time skirmishes when you encounter an enemy.

The action we've seen suggests a return to the Branches system of Namco X Capcom. In that game each attack - allocated to a single button in combination with a direction on the D-pad - consumed a single branch, with special aerial combos often giving the player more branches to use, along with items and statistical buffs. With special move gauges, it played like a simplistic beat 'em up with damage represented by floating numbers instead of bloodied noses. An extra screen has allowed developer Banpresto to declutter the rather busy PS2 game - all the better for showing off the glorious sprite work up top.


And it is a bit of a looker. True, we didn't invest in 3DS just to witness a 2D revival, but the sprites are large and detailed and the animation has a wonderfully hand-crafted feel. This is most notable in the giant avatars that show up to accompany the most spectacular moves, and there's real weight and heft to the combat. It could well be a bit button-mashy, but when the results are this dazzling, perhaps that doesn't matter.


Besides, there's an undeniable frisson to seeing some of these characters in action outside their comfort zones. All characters fight as a twosome, so Chris Redfield blasts the BOWs from Resi Revelations with his Magnum while Jill traces enemy weakpoints with the Genesis scanner. Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter pull their usual fireballs-and-dragon-punches shtick, while Devil May Cry's Dante switches between twin pistols Ebony and Ivory and sword Rebellion, joining up with Demitri Maximoff from cult brawler Darkstalkers.

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