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Project X Zone: Resi vs Tekken vs Mega Man vs Virtua Fighter

Sega, Capcom and Namco join forces in this epic-scale 3DS crossover

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And no Capcom crossover would be complete without Mega Man - or Mega Man X, here accompanied by Zero of freakishly-long-hair fame. Dead Rising's Frank West also shows up, presumably in an attempt to make up to Nintendo gamers after Chop Till You Drop.


Namco Bandai, meanwhile, are represented by the likes of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken series, as well as Yuri from Tales Of Vesperia and Ichiro Ogami from Sakura Wars. There's also Kite and BlackRose from the ultra-niche .hack series, and KOS-MOS from Xenoblade Chronicles precursor Xenosaga. These names might not mean much to western players, but it's heartening to see lesser-known characters get a chance to steal the limelight. Smash Bros got the right mix of fan favourites and bit-parters, eliciting 'ah!' and 'uh?' from players in equal measure. Let's hope Banpresto pulls off a similar feat.


Then there's Sega. So far we've got rifleman Kurt and lance-wielder Riela from the third game in the critically-lauded Valkyria Chronicles series, and they're joined by Akira Yuki and Pai Chan from Virtua Fighter, who can obviously handle themselves in a scrap. Leanne and Zephyr from saucy Other Formats RPG Resonance Of Fate also put in an appearance, but best of the lot is Ulala, star of funky rhythm-actioner Space Channel 5. She might seem more lover than fighter, but she can call upon Fantasy Zone's chubby Opa Opa ship and Dave Harrier from Space Harrier to help her out of a tight spot.

That's the roster so far, but we're promised more surprises to come, and we'd put good money on that happening. Namco X Capcom's credits fair groaned with talent, with over 100 characters popping up throughout its 70-hour campaign.


Talking of the story, Namco's keeping tight-lipped on that one, but if bookies took bets on JRPG plots they'd already be paying out on 'a range of heroes are forced to put aside their differences to conquer an ancient, unspeakable evil'. The focus on characters over systems so far is understandable, but we want to see a bit of substance with our fan service.

Here's hoping we get that - and news of a western release, natch - in the next Nintendo Direct.

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