Willem Dafoe 'to star alongside Ellen Page in Beyond'

David Cage's next project rumoured to be featuring the experienced American Psycho actor

Quantic Dream, the Paris games studio responsible for the critically acclaimed PS3 title Heavy Rain, is believed to have hired the actor Willem Dafoe to provide voice work on its upcoming project, Beyond.


David Cage, the founder of Quantic Dream and director of Heavy Rain, revealed at E3 that Beyond will star Ellen Page, who will provide her likeness and voice talent to the upcoming game.

Prior to the announcement, sources close to the project told CVG that the game will feature at least two Hollywood stars, an actor and actress.

Now a new report, published on games blog BroGamer, suggests that Dafoe has been chosen to work on the new project.

Dafoe's filmography stretches back to 1980. He has played key roles in films such as Spider-Man and American Psycho.

Cage has in recent years emphasised the importance of casting for in-game characters. The Paris studio has an in-house motion capture facility, where actors' performances are recorded and replicated through advanced animation techniques.

For Heavy Rain, Cage hired English actor Pascal Langdale to provide his voice and likeness to the game's lead character, Ethan Mars.

Quantic Dream is currently working on two separate projects, both PlayStation exclusives.