Professor Layton dev 'interested in Wii U projects'

Plus - Nintendo's new console gets the nod from Inafune, Suda 51 and more

The CEO of Level-5, the Japan studio famous for the Professor Layton puzzle games, has raised interest in creating content for Nintendo's Wii U, according to reports.


Akihiro Hino is paraphrased as saying that a "Professor Layton game where you walk around a 3D London would be interesting".

According to Japan games site Andriasang, which pulled its data from local magazine Famitsu, Hino had initial concerns about how the Wii U tablet would work. But he claimed such reservations had disappeared since he held the pad for himself.

In the publication's latest issue, Famitsu published positive comments from a number of high-profile Japan studio executives (paraphrased by Andriasang below).

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono said "the TV remote control option may be the system's most convenient feature".

Grasshopper Manufacture founder Goichi Suda said "No More Heroes 3 is widely anticipated, but that he has nothing specific to say".

Keiji Inafune, the former Capcom head who broke from his company to form Comcept said he views Wii U as a challenge from Nintendo.

"If he has the chance, he'd like to respond to the challenge".

Jiro Ishii of Level-5, meanwhile, said he would "like to make a table talk-style game".

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]