Xbox 720: Spring 2014 launch 'makes more sense' - Pachter

Next-gen console to double up as cable TV box, predicts analyst

Games analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Microsoft's next console will skip 2013.


According to Pachter, it would "make more sense" for Microsoft to target a Spring 2014 release and avoid the late 2013 buying season completely.

"If I were a betting man (and I am), I would say a spring 2014 launch makes more sense, since hard core Xbots could get a console without having to compete with moms buying gifts at holiday, and it is likely that they won't manufacture more than a few million units for launch," he told X360 Magazine.

Microsoft has made a big deal of Xbox 360's entertainment apps in recent months, and Pachter more boldly went on to say that "it's pretty clear" MS will take this much further with the next console.

"It's pretty clear to me that Microsoft intends to allow the Xbox 720 to function as a cable TV box, allowing cable television service providers to broadcast over the Internet through the box, with SmartGlass as the remote controller, and with the Xbox 720 using Windows 8 to split the TV signal into multiple feeds, allowing consumers to divert different channel feeds to different displays within the home," he said.

Does that sound like something you'd want from your next Xbox? And if this were the case, could we even consider the next machine a dedicated "games console"?

Microsoft recently had its lawyers chase down a leaked Xbox 720 document that appeared to reveal several of the firm's plans for its next console.

[ SOURCE: X360 ]