Blizzard offers full refund for Error 37 in South Korea

Players under level 40 can apply for their money back

South Korean Diablo 3 players that have been affected by Error 37 are being offered a full refund by Blizzard.


A post on the South Korean forum (translated by Wall Street Journal) states players under level 40 can apply for the refund between 25th June and 3rd July.

Blizzard will also be accepting returns from players below Level 20 provided it's within 14 days of purchase from now on.

Error 37 was caused by significant levels of server traffic. The extreme load prevented many users from logging in to the play game. Continuing troubles eventually forced taken offline for emergency fixes.

The drastic refund policy is likely in reponse to an investigation launched by the South Korea's Fair Trade Commission, which looked into the issue after it received a substantial number of complaints from consumers.

The World of Warcraft and StarCraft studio's hand has been somewhat forced by Korea's consumer protection law, which guarantees customers a refund in the event problems with a product arise and the manufacturer is to blame.

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