Xbox Live update blocking connection with racing wheels

Microsoft confirms some customers affected; Newer update solves some problems, triggers others

The June 12th Xbox Live dashboard update has unintentionally jammed connections with a range of wireless steering wheel peripherals, Microsoft has confirmed.


Racing fans have contacted CVG claiming that the firmware upgrade has rendered some devices incompatible, while others perform erratic force-feedback.

"We are aware a limited number of Xbox Live members are experiencing issues with the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel controller following the recent Xbox Live update," Microsoft said in a statement issued to CVG.

"We are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible and appreciate your patience."

It is said that the June update has affected the official racing wheel, as well as alternatives by Fanatec and MadCatz.

However, a spokesperson for MadCatz told CVG that the company had not received messages suggesting that the Live update had disrupted the performance of its peripherals.

Meanwhile, a June 20th dashboard update appears to have resolved issues with some controllers - such as with Fanatec's - but has triggered new problems with peripherals made by Datel.

Datel claims that the latest update has disrupted more than its steering wheel products, and in fact has affected its range of wireless controllers. The company requests that users experiencing issues apply a software update, found here

Fanatec, meanwhile, said the most recent dashboard update has fixed problems with most - if not all - of its steering wheels.

However, some customers who are using the official Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel are still complaining of disruptions and lost connections.