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Ueda provides Last Guardian update: 'It's business as usual'

"The only things that've changed are the terms of my contract"

Ex-Sony designer Fumito Ueda has assured that work on his long-in-the-making PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian is still in progress.


Speaking to Kotaku, Ueda said: "It's been business as usual. The only things that've really changed are the terms of my contract."

Quizzed on how far along the game is, Ueda said: "I can't really comment on the details."

The respected designer announced his departure from Sony late last year, but committed to finishing his Last Guardian duties on a contractual basis.

Back in February, Worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed Sony's drafted in a number of Western Sony developers to support SCE Japan Studio's Team Ico on the highly-anticipated title.

The platform holder put Last Guardian's E3 no-show down to "technical difficulties" and later said the game will "ship when it's ready".

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