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Sony investigating 'intermittent issue with PSN'

PS Store and network services throwing up intermittent error codes

Sony has issued a brief statement confirming that's it's investigating "intermittent issues with PSN".


It seems PSN users today have been encountering connection issues and error codes when trying to sign into the PlayStation Store or access account management options.

A Sony rep has responded with a post on the official forums:

"At the moment PlayStation Network is currently experiencing issues and some users may encounter problems with network services and the store (An error code e.g. 80023102 may appear when trying to sign in)," they explained.

"Engineers are currently investigating the cause of these problems, and I will update here when more information is available," add the rep.

The rep later said in a second statement that "most users appear to be able to get online without issues", but admitted that they'd "received no further information", and posts from users complaining of connection issues continue.

If you're experiencing PSN problems, sound off below. Unless you're in Korea. In which case have a seat, take some deep breaths, then read this.

Thanks VG247.

[ SOURCE: Sony ]