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Nintendo 3DS XL: Full technical specs

Larger screens and longer battery life for new model

Nintendo Japan's released full technical specs for Nintendo 3DS XL revealing that the handheld will feature slightly improved battery life.

For more details on the system, hit the link to read our Nintendo 3DS announcement news.

Nintendo 3DS XL

134mm 74mm vertical thickness horizontal 21mm (when folded)
(Including the battery pack stylus SD memory card) 235g

Top screen
(Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) widescreen LCD with integrated Autostereoscopic
240 dots vertical (horizontal) 800 dots / (46.08mm vertical 76.8mm horizontal) 3.53 type
can be assigned respectively to 400 dot 800 dot the right eye-left eye (horizontal three-dimensional representation is possible)

Bottom screen
(Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) LCD with touch input feature
type 240 3.02 320 dots vertical dots next to / (46.08mm 61.44mm vertical horizontal)

Two cameras inside / outside
Resolution (0.3 mega pixels) 640 480 both lenses: the number of effective pixels CMOS /:: imaging element / focal length of approximately 300,000 pixels

2.4GHz communications passing between the play and play Nintendo 3DS available
via the wireless LAN access point can be connected to the Internet (supports IEEE802.11b / g Reinforcement (WPA / WPA2 ) security) within 30m distance recommended ambient communication (※ may be shortened by circumstances)

Game inputs
A / B / X / Y button, cross, L / R buttons, Start / Select button
(Possible 360-degree analog input) Slide pad
Touch screen
Built-in microphone
Motion sensor
Gyro sensor

System inputs
Game card slot
SD memory card slot
Charging terminal
AC adapter connection terminal
Headphone connection terminal (stereo output)
On the screen left and right stereo speakers (for surround pseudo-)
(10cm when fully extended about) possible expansion and contraction

If you want to play Nintendo software 3DS : about 3 hours to 6.5 hours
if you want to play the Nintendo DS software: about 5 hours to 8 hours
Battery life may vary depending on the brightness of the screen.