FIFA 13: Unlucky for some (PES players)?

How EA is building on the runaway success of its last game

It's bad news for you professional footballers in League 1 and 2. EA Sports are ramping up the realism in their latest game, which will see the in-game players act in a more authentic manner than ever before.


In FIFA 13, y'see, not all defenders will play like Rio Ferdinand, calmly bringing the ball down from out of the air and playing a lovely cushioned pass to a nearby recipient. No, now the ball will whack off the shin, pop up in the air following a poor first touch, or just generally run away from a player through poor control. So if you're Charlton Athletic's centre-back your skills will be toned down so that you're not a super-player like the best in the business. But hey, that's real life for you.

The forthcoming FIFA 13 is all about creating a true battle for possession. To this end the devs in Vancouver have made improvements to the Player Impact Engine - the physics engine that underwent a big overhaul for last year's game. Now there'll be no more players kissing like the infamous Andy Carroll smooch that did the rounds on the internet last year. There'll be no tonsil tennis at all in fact (unless it's one of the new goal celebration animations chucked in).

Don't Push It

Players will push and pull in much more realistic and intelligent fashion now. Big boys will recognise that they have a height and weight advantage and use it to rip the ball off your smaller Lionel Messi-types. This will make defenders more effective and force players into having poor touches, to miscontrol the ball and create a real wrestling match to get it back.

Coupled to this, the players' first touches have all been renovated so that, as mentioned, they won't be able to control the ball as effectively as they have in the past. Defenders will be crying into their sports rehydration drinks everywhere. Too bad - that's the price of realism, Notts County and Exeter players.

When it comes to playing with the ball, there are three big changes in place for the core gameplay: advancements to the players' attacking AI, how your player dribbles with the ball and the options you have when you get a free-kick.

"We want to deliver far more freedom and creativity in attack. It's about giving you options all over the pitch," says FIFA 13 Line Producer Nick Channon. These three changes to the way FIFA 13 plays should give greater scope for attacking football - a key item that was asked for by the FIFA 12 community.

Dribbling will be polished to include the ability to move laterally but continue facing towards the goal, while you'll be able take people on one on one by just using the left stick. Free-kicks now offer more options for you to bamboozle the opposition defence with too, while players will analyse space and run into it more often, and curve their runs to stay onside. It all adds up nicely to better attacking footy.


Other upgrades include new pass types, such as dinked passes, better referees, more goal line clearance animations, new celebrations, a more humanised CPU for better single-player games and more.

As Nick explains, "The key here is to maintain the balance within our game. That was a great thing we started last year and we really want to build on that this year."