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The Xbox 720 Files: Microsoft's master-plan for the next generation

CVG examines key details and breakthrough technologies found in the leaked 56-page document

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*Disclaimer: The information hereinbelow is taken from an Xbox 720 design document written in 2010. Some of the details will have been revised, perhaps extensively. For more information on the reliability of the data, go here

5. Market-leading hardware specs

CVG's source said the hardware specs outlined in the document were not entirely accurate. However, the general framework of information corroborates with data already public and believed to be accurate.


CPU/GPU Power and oddities
Xbox 720 will be powered by a 6-8 core CPU (either ARM or X86 chips). However, one strange addition is the 3-core PowerPC chip, said to be used primarily for backwards compatibility.

Being of a different architecture to the Xbox 720's main CPU, it is not clear why these (admittedly cheap) processors are added to the system when the 720's existing chipset could handle the processing.

Another strange inclusion is the dual GPU, one for applications and another dedicated to 'system'. It shouldn't be confused with an Nvidia Dual SLI set-up, which requires both cards carry the same spec. It is speculated that the application chip will be used for TV screen display, while the system GPU will be used for processing other images and streamed to devices such as the Kinect Glasses.

The Xbox 720 will boast 4GB of system memory, solid state storage for fast-access info and a hard drive for the bulk of data. Meanwhile, the use of USB 3.0 will likely open up the potential of legacy Kinect devices.

The Xbox 720 document claims that "unified Windows 8 foundation makes it easier to build integrated applications across Xbox, PC, and Windows Phone environments".

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