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Metroid Wii U: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

We were quite relieved when Nintendo didn't show a new Metroid game at its E3. No, not because Team Ninja's Metroid: Other M has soured us on the series, because it means that ill-conceived Star Fox/Metroid crossover is probably not real.

In reality nothing would have us happily handing over up to but not exceeding £250 for a Wii U quicker than a new Metroid game. Nothing. Especially not a Nintendo themed virtual theme park.

Of course the absence of a Metroid and the lack of any real big first-party game announcements from Nintendo also means Retro Studios' current project remains a mystery. We're praying to the Chozo for Metroid Prime 4 and to get the ball rolling we've come up with a few things we'd like to see from a Wii U entry in the series.

As always let us know what you want in the game in the comments.



An inordinate amount of the Metroid Prime gameplay experience was spent pouring over what internet forum dwellers call 'walls of text'. Usually asking the people to stop playing to read reams of text isn't a good idea in a video game, but in the Metroid Prime series we happily snapped on the Scan Visor and hopped about in search of more info to consume.

Exploring strange, uncharted worlds has always been the core conceit of the Metroid series but Prime was the first to allow players directly engage with their surroundings. Each new Logbook entry on an enemy and every nugget of background lore coloured in a little more of the game world and pulled us in deeper.

The Wii U is perfectly equipped to offer more of the information gathering we love, but also for adding further depth to how we discover it. The GamePad's touchscreen could be used for mini-games such as hacking, fixing computers or deciphering hidden messages. There's scope for more than just pointing at the screen and holding a button for information packets.

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