Latest Fez patch is 'broken'

Dev warns: 'Don't download it'

Fez developer Polytron has warned Xbox 360 players not to download the game's latest patch, which is reportedly corrupting save files.


Polytron writes on its official site: "There is an issue that seems fairly widespread where the save file can be seen as corrupted by the game after installing the patch. We're floored that this wasn't found in testing.

"For the moment, deleting your system cache should resolve the issue, but if that fails, there is no known workaround. We'll keep you updated on the situation."

The dev later added on Twitter: "THE PATCH IS KINDA BROKEN. Reports of savefile corruption. We advise against installing it unless you already can't play the game."

The patch itself is supposed to fix various major issues including performance problems and, ironically, a few occurrences of save file corruption.