Valve and Adult Swim collaborating on Team Fortress 2-related thing

US TV network and game maker to announce something "next week"

Valve and US TV network Adult Swim have announced a collaboration on something they're not ready to announce.


Apparently "coming next week", the secret thing will be "something that you'll probably enjoy", according to the teaser webpage which is adorned with Team Fortress 2 characters.

"To learn how their video game peanut butter will be getting in our network's chocolate, come back next week," adds the teaser, which offers a newsletter sign-up for more info when they're ready to actually talk about it.

What could it be? We'll hazard a guess at it being a TV airing for the long-awaited 'Meet the Pyro' short - the last in a series of funny 'Meet the' character shorts from Valve. Particularly because the newsletter 'sign up' page features artwork specifically of the Pyro.

Or maybe it could be something different, such as the "secret project... for 2012" Valve teased earlier this year, assuming they're not one and the same.

Then again, when is Valve, possibly the industry's most secretive developer, ever NOT working on a secret project?

Via The Verge.

[ SOURCE: Adult Swim ]