Tomb Raider dev working on next-gen new IP

Job ad appears for "a cutting edge, original IP for future platforms"

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics looks to have started work on a third-person action game in a new IP for next-generation consoles.


The studio spilled the beans via a job ad for a senior engineer, who it says will work on "a cutting edge, original IP for future platforms".

The ad went on to specify that the candidate will work "to develop and iterate on next-gen animation systems and tools pipelines for engine systems on third-person action adventure AAA titles."

The ad seems to have been sneakily edited since GameTrailers ran the original story, cutting out all mentions of "future platforms" or "next-generation", but the Internet never forgets.

Either the developer is trying to cover up its next-generation intentions, or the game is for current-gen systems and the ads writer messed up. We're hoping it's the former.

[ SOURCE: GameTrailers ]