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Crystal Dynamics: Now is 'a great time' to make new IP

Tomb Raider dev starting "with a blank page" for next project

Crystal Dynamics is starting "with a blank page" in creating its new intellectual property, executive producer Scott Amos has said.


"I think it's an interesting combination of both Square's perspective and Crystal's perspective. Seeing the studio and what they've done, they have a pantheon of great properties, if you just look through the history of all the games that they've made and that they have, and that they still have," he said on the Crystal Habit podcast (via VG247). "They're even, as you know, doing some very new versions of those games.

According to Amos the strength of both Square and Crystal Dynamics' current properties, some of which are undergoing revivals and reboots, has pushed the studio to building something completely new.

"But saying, we have all these great IP, now is a great time, looking at what's coming in the future, what's coming up in the console space, what's going to be happening next. Let's start now, with a blank page.

"We take that kind of bold step of, let's make something new, something where we don't already have a finger in that particular pool, and let's try, from scratch, to make a new game with all of our abilities and skills. What would be a new great experience for our future?"

He also clarified that God of War 2 director Cory Barlog, who left Just Cause 2 studio Avalanche to join Crystal Dynamics in March, is working on a seperate IP.

"Once in a while we might pass each other in the coffee shop area, but at the same time, he's on something else, so he's not part of my new IP."

Last week a job listing hinted the new Crystal Dynamics IP is for the next-gen hardware.