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BioWare Backtracks: 4 things changed in the new Mass Effect 3 endings

Smart clarifications or obvious patch jobs? You decide...

Despite fan outrage aimed at the original Mass Effect 3 endings, BioWare promised it would only "expand and clarify" the conclusions presented in the Extended Cut DLC.

And then it changed things anyway (watch all the new endings). Here are the four main examples of how the Mass Effect developer has backtracked on the ending - for better or worse.

The Mass Effect relays are destroyed... No wait - Damaged.


One of the most controversial aspects of Mass Effect 3's original endings were the scenes showing the Mass Effect relays being destroyed during the Crucible blast. Not only does series lore dictate the explosions would be so great they'd destroy all neighbouring life (this happened in the second game's final DLC release and is integral to the plot), but it also means all those alien races are effectively stranded in the Sol system to slowly starve to death.

It's a bit of a plot hole. BioWare's solution? They're only "damaged" now, and in the Control ending the Reapers even rebuild them. Quite a u-turn then, but to be fair, a necessary one.

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