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Big Fortnite reveal confirmed for Comic Con

Epic's co-op shooter set for grand unveiling at next month's show

Epic shooter Fortnite will get a big unveiling at Comic Con next month, the developer has confirmed.

The survival shooter was first unveiled via a CGI trailer last year, but was a no show at E3 this month, leaving Epic fans with little to go on. But that will change next month.

The 'Epic Games Presents: Fortnite Revealed' panel, featuring G4TV's X-Play host Jessica Chobot, will make attendees "the very first people in the world to see Fortnite in action", says Epic.

Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, Producer Tanya Jessen and Lead Artist Pete Ellis will all be present to talk about the game.

If you're planning the trip to San Francisco, the panel will be held in Room 6A, and seats are limited to 1000, so get there promptly.

If not, we'll have all the news for you as it's revealed.

Via VG247.

[ SOURCE: Epic ]