Kaz Hirai steps away from PlayStation business

CEO steps down as chairman of SCE board as his attention turns to Sony's TV, music and phones business

Sony's new chief executive has moved further away from management of the PlayStation business, the company has confirmed.


Kaz Hirai has resigned as chairman of the Sony Computer Entertainment board of directors. His principal role as head of Sony has not been affected.

Before being appointed Sony CEO in April, Kaz Hirai had helped restore the company's games division following a disastrous end to the reign of Ken Kutaragi.

Hirai will still act as a part-time board member on Sony Computer Entertainment, but his chairmanship has been discontinued. The fluently multilingual chief executive is a games enthusiast but is preoccupied by matters of restructuring Sony's TV, music and phones divisions.

Sony recently announced a TV joint venture with old rival Panasonic, in a bid to save operating costs on producing new sets.