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How Skyrim inspired Resi Evil creator Mikami

Has Bethesda's epic influenced the direction of his new game?

Now that Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is part of the ZeniMax family, he has a new sibling - Bethesda Game Studios. He's such a fan of the big B's sprawling open-world fantasy Skyrim that he even keeps a life-size statue in Tango Gameworks' lobby.


"I started playing it when it was released, though right now I'm terribly busy and have had to stop," he told PSM3 in its new issue. "It's a fantastic game. Just amazing. To have such a huge open world and so much freedom is wonderful, and the gameplay too is so varied; all those parameters and details that you can tweak and that affect the game. The characters are great too."

"It's so time-consuming - but that's a great thing. If I was still a student I'd be all over it," he added. Mikami thinks part of the game's appeal is that there are still aren't that many open-world games, so they feel relatively fresh:

"There are very few - Red Dead, GTA IV, Skyrim... It's not like there are dozens of them yet. So right now I think it's a really interesting genre. Perhaps once the market is saturated I won't think so, but right now it's a wide open field." Pun intended, we assume.

He even says he'd like to have a crack at his own sandbox game, albeit within the boundaries of Tango Gameworks's manpower: "We don't have hundreds of staff, so I'd keep it simple. I'd introduce one major rule, but within that you'd be free to play it however you like. It would be a game that mixes the best of the old kind of games with this relatively new open-world concept."


For the full six-page interview with the Tango Gameworks man, get your hands on the new issue of PSM3, which also features massive previews of Assassin's Creed 3 and Beyond.