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Like! CVG's Facebook group soars past 40,000 fans

Thanks to everyone who has joined us!

I'm pleased to announce that CVG's Facebook page has surpassed 40,000 fans.


As the world's longest-serving videogames publication, CVG has a brilliant motley crew of fans across all ages, and judging by the Facebook activity it's great to see such a varied mix of people and opinions.

The CVG Facebook page features lively debate on various news developments, and features a select number of the best stories of the day (we don't want to spam people). We're also looking at building more exclusive content on there too.

If you have any requests/feedback on our Facebook page, ping me a PM or leave a comment below.

Was tempted to pimp the 20,000-strong Twitter page as well. I think I'll leave it. If you want to follow us I'm sure you'll know how to find us.

Thanks again.