Japan: Pokemon Black/White 2 sells 1.5 million in launch week

Vita back in the gutter, 3DS sales stable

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 totally obliterated Japan's software sales charts last week, selling an impressive 1.56 million copies, according to Media Create figures.


That figure instantly puts the title in the stable of top sellers for Nintendo (for context, it almost topped the 1,63 million copies of Super Mario 3D Land sold in total since its release last year) but surprisingly didn't provide much of a boost to 3DS sales which rose to 68,056 from 61,793 the week prior.

Vita's eye-opening resurgence was sadly short-lived, with sales slumping back down to 13,589, down from the promising 34,459 sold the week before.

Here are the Media Create hardware Sales figures for the week of June 18 to June 24, with the prior week's figures in parenthesis.

3DS: 68,056 (61,793)
PS3: 15,680 (14,673)
PSV: 13,589 (34,459)
PSP: 8,954 (9,740)
WII: 6,127 (5,963)
NDS: 1,604 (1,069)
360: 1,073 (1,084)
PS2: 1,065 (1,237)

Full software chart figures are through the source link.