Circle Pad Pro confirmed for Nintendo 3DS XL

No second circle pad, but there will be an attachment for that

Nintendo hasn't included a second circle pad on the revamped, larger Nintendo 3DS XL, but don't worry because they're planning on another bulky attachment for you.


When Nintendo announced last week the imminent release of a new 3DS with a larger screen, many prospective customers were baffled by its lack of a second circle pad.

Obviously, the original 3DS's circle pad attachment will not fit on the new console, so Nintendo have confirmed a circle pad attachment for the XL will be available.

Nintendo announced the new attachment in the Japanese game magazine Famitsu. The new circle pad pro will be available later this year in Japan, but there are no details concerning a release for the rest of the world.

Should Nintendo have added a second circle pad to the main console?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]