Valve and Adult Swim collaboration revealed as... a Team Fortress 2 hat

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Valve's collaboration with US TV channel Adult Swim has been revealed as a "limited-edition" Robot Chicken hat for Team Fortress 2.


The hat is being given to Adult Swim newsletter subscribers.

News of the collaboration earlier this month led many to speculate that Adult Swim was producing a Team Fortress 2 cartoon. Teases on the network's official website confirm future collaboration, so it could still happen.

"This ain't the last you'll hear from Adult Swim and Valve. Stay tuned," reads the site.

The FAQ for redeeming the Robot Chicken hat also contains the following:

"Q. Are you making a Team Fortress cartoon?
A. Go ask your mother."

Fingers crossed.

A Half-Life fan site claims to have acquired Half-Life 3 concept art. Valve has also revealed Source Filmmaker, a video creation tools set for release "later this year".