Publishing source claims Wii U price will land under £250

Nintendo will launch with a retailer friendly price tag

The Nintendo Wii U "will definitely be less than £249" when it launches later this year, a purported senior publishing source has claimed.


Speaking to MCV, the unnamed executive claimed that Nintendo will please retailers who are calling for a sub-£250 RRP to avoid a sales slump that affected the 3DS.

Retail spokespersons have also weighed in on the issue.

"It's important we don't go down the 3DS route of retailer-led discounting both pre- and post-launch," games buyer Keith Sharp told the industry paper.

"I'm really impressed with Wii U, it's got a good mix of insanely addictive mini-games and traditional 'gamers' titles," he added.

In June, Nintendo of America director Reggie Fils-Aime said he expects consumers to be "pleasantly surprised" by the Wii U launch price.

Japanese business paper Nikkei has previously claimed that the console will cost about 30,000 yen, which roughly converts to around £250.

Although Amazon initially listed the Wii U for £199 and began to take pre-orders it was later forced to cancel all pre-orders and said it didn't know the price.

Despite this blunder, Amazon's German arm has listed the console for €349 but it is suspected the price is speculative.