Wii U: 10 things Rayman Legends teaches us about the console

The leaked pre-E3 footage may hide a few secrets

This article originally appeared in Nintendo Gamer magazine.

Ten months of NDA-induced Wii U silence was rudely interrupted by a leaked trailer, just prior to E3. Not only did the naughty video reveal a sequel to the rather stonking Rayman Origins, it confirmed a Wii U release and exclusive functionality. Nintendo made it this close to E3 without anyone spilling the Wii U beans... but not close enough. So what did the leaked footage tell us? And did it reveal anything it wasn't supposed to?


1. Wii U pumps out pretty games
A 2D platformer may not push Wii U's innards like one of Bruce Wayne's photorealistic Bat-pecs, but it's certainly no slouch. Already, Legends is sharper than Origins, boasting pin-sharp toons bathed in incredi-lighting. Check out the winged beasties lit up by purple fireworks and try to stop the drool pooling around your knees.


2. Wii U pumps out pretty games... twice
Forget those shadowy insiders and their portents of tech spec doom: Wii U is not only matching 360/PS3 on the TV, but is doing it all over again on the tablet. It's likely thanks to Ubisoft's smart scaling tech (Rayman Origins is beautiful on every format), though do spare a thought for Wii U's AMD Radeon GPU - picked especially for its multi-display video streaming.


3. Wii U requires no extra investment for multiplayer
We knew Wii remotes worked with Wii U, but seeing three in action alongside the Wii U controller hammers the point home: you needn't shell out another £100+ in order to play with your chums. Not if you've already got a Wii. And that's £100+ to spend on crisps. Or, if you're these Ubisoft employees: baguettes.

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