Half-Life 3: 5 clues revealed in the concept art 'leak'

Yesterday a Half-Life fan site claimed to have acquired concept art from a "Valve employee" which depicted new scenarios in Valve's still-not-announced-yet Half-Life 3. According to the site the images were supplied by "a Valve employee".

Valve, which seems to really enjoy not confirming things (grumble, grumble), hasn't said one word about the images, but devotees of the studio and its games have speculated the art is the work of Andrea Wicklund, who has been working at Valve as an illustrator since 2006.

For Half-Life fans starved of news about the future of their beloved series this concept art leak is a veritable feast of information. Of course it is believed the images were created in 2008, so the project - whatever it may be - may very well have evolved into something completely different. But we're too busy gorging to think about that right now.

Our minds have been running wild trying to piece together relevant bits of lore and speculating about what the next game. Here are five hints at the future of Half-Life...

Winter Collection


It has long been rumoured that the next chapter in the Half-Life saga will see players travelling to the Borealis, an Aperture Science research vessel first referenced in Half-Life 2: Episode One. In it Judith Mossman discovers the ship is in an Arctic location, which explains Alyx Vance's clothing choices in the 'leaked' art. Another thing worth noting is Alyx's jacket, which looks a lot like the one also worn by Eli Vance.

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