Tribes: Ascend hits Steam with XP perks and more

Free-to-play shooter offers lifetime 50 percent XP bonus

Hi-Rez Studio's gorgeous-looking free-to-play shooter has arrived on Steam.


Not just content with offering players another way to download the shooter, Steam is also offering a paid bundle that gives you some pretty sweet perks.

Although the full game is free, hand over $10 for the 'Tribes: Ascend - Steam Starter Pack' and you'll get a lifetime 50 percent XP bonus, 800 Tribes Gold, four bonus weapons, access to the Infiltrator and Technician classes and other stat-boosting perks. Check out the full offerings through the source link below.

Hi-Rez recently released the sixth update for the game, adding new maps and a load of bug fixes, weapon balancing and other tweaks and changes.

[ SOURCE: Steam ]