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Konami: Castlevania Lords of Shadow DLC 'was a mistake'

"It was rushed"

Konami production head Dave Cox has said the publisher never planned to do post-release DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the game's unexpected success meant development of content was rushed out.


"The problem was that the game's success caught everyone by surprise. It caught senior management by surprise and they wanted us to do DLC," Cox told Gameranx. "We never planned to do DLC, so we ended up doing DLC after the fact and in hindsight that was a mistake. It was rushed. We had to rush it to market."

While the development team wasn't forced to create DLC, he says there was some pressure arising from the game's popularity.

"When you have success there's pressure on you to bring something else to market very quickly," he said. "And I think it was wrong of us to do that."

Cox maintained that the Reverie and Resurrection DLC added to the game's overall narrative in valuable ways but said that it would plan DLC in advance in the future.

"I think we enriched the story that we wanted to tell, but I think if we were going to do DLC again it would have to be planned right from the get go. And it wouldn't be something that would try to build upon an ending-it would be something that's perhaps a side story that enriches the original story. If we were going to do DLC again it would be something much more carefully considered."

The Konami man also offered some of his own opinions on modern DLC, saying that he's not very fond of the majority of it.

"I'm not a big fan of most modern day DLC. I think if DLC is going to be done it has to compliment the main game-not be a continuation of the main story but more of a side story," he said. "It should add to the experience, not take away from it."

"I think people want to get value for their money so I think that in that respect you need to give them an expansion of the universe you've created. Like what they've done with Skyrim.

"Instead of giving players a part of the story and giving them the other part as DLC, I think the DLC has to expand the universe of an already whole product," he added.

Konami debuted Lords of Shadow 2 at E3 with a trailer teasing a second character.