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The fanboy's favourite stat-packed infographic: Xbox 360 versus PS3

Oh yes. Look down on it all you want. Say it's all beneath you. Make it clear that you're reading this blog post despite carrying no interest in this blog post.

Look, you can confess it to us - you're a bit of a nerd for stats and you have come here in search of data. You're in luck. This latest infographic provided by offers up some real beard-stroking, eyebrow-raising, jaw-dropping, noun-verbing statistics.

Did you know? If you stacked all the Gran Turismo 5 discs together they would stand six times taller than the world's largest building. YOU DO NOW.

(Some of these stats are based on VGChartz data, which isn't always incredibly accurate, though we've checked out the top-line data and it looks solid.)