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Dawnguard guide: 15 essential tips and secrets for the Skyrim DLC

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How to... Unlock the fastest horse in Skyrim

While travelling around the Soul Cairn you may encounter the spectral form of an undead horse named Arvak, although it disappears when you try to approach it. By locating Arvak's skull within the Soul Cairn and returning it to his soul master nearby, you will learn the conjuration spell Summon Arvak.

Casting this spell at a cost of 120 magicka causes the undead steed to materialise in front of you, and this can be cast back in the real world of Tamriel. Not only is Arvak the fastest horse in Skyrim, but it can also be summoned at will, meaning you'll never be stuck without transport again.

Follow our video below for the exact location of Arvak's skull.

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How to... Find Jiub

Fans of The Elder Scrolls series should recognise the name Jiub, as he was encountered during the introduction of the third instalment Morrowind. In Dawnguard his spirit has been trapped in the Soul Cairn, and by tracking him down he will tell you his story before setting you the quest 'Impatience of a Saint' to recover the missing pages of his book.

By tracking down all ten pages within the Soul Cairn and returning them to Jiub he will reward you with a valuable book containing the complete manuscript. More importantly you'll also receive the 'Locket of St Jiub', a very useful amulet that grants +50 stamina and +50 weight capacity to the wearer.

Want the exact location? Hit Play on the video below...

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How to... Grab enchanted items - for free

Once you go through the gap in the wall into the second area of the Soul Cairn, look to the right and you'll see a spectral trader by the name of Morven Stroud. Speak to him and he'll offer to trade his remaining items in exchange for Soul Husks, which can be harvested throughout the Soul Cairn.

For every 25 Soul Husks returned to Morven you can choose to receive a sword, battleaxe, light armour, heavy armour or spell tome. These items are blessed with a random enchantment, so if there's a specific type that you're after you can save before making the trade, then reload and repeat until you receive the item you want.

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